Tour schedule

# Destinations Durations Point Tour price Phone
1 5 days tour to Terelj, Hustai national park 5 days 4 nights - 530$ 95952233
2 4 days tour to Terelj national park 4days 3 nights - 450$ 95952233
3 8 days tour to Terhiin tsagaan lake 8 days 7 nights - 740$ 95952233
4 5 days tour to Bayangobi,Terelj national park 5 days 4 nights - 530$ 95952233
5 8 days tour to Huvsgul lake 8 days 7 nights - 810$ 95952233
6 7 days tour to South gobi 7 days 6 nights - 1100$ 95952233
7 8 days tour to South gobi 8 days 7 nights - 1330$ 95952233
8 7 days tour to Selenge 7 days 6 nights - 810$ 95952233
9 7 days tour to Harhorin-Ugii lake 7 days 6 nights - 760$ 95952233
10 6 days tour to Huvsgul Lake 6 days 5 nights - 1000$ 95952233
11 6 days tour to Harhorin 6 days 5 nights - 610$ 95952233
12 8 days tour to Ugii lake 8 days 7 nights - 810$ 95952233
Tour schedule
976+7011-6969, 976+9595-2233


Ulaanbaatar-South gobi-Terelj national park


7 days 6 nights

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Tour schedule




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Tour characteristics:

Brief information
  3*Habu hotel, Royal house hotel 4* Premium hotel, Chinggis khan hotel 5*Kempinski hotel, Best western hotel, Blue sky hotel   Main square Chinggis Khaan, National park of history, Zaisan hill, Bogd Khan winter museum,Gandan monastery, Traditional music and dance performance, Flaming cliff, Hongor sand dunes, Camel herder family, Yol valley, Chinggis statue complex, Turtle rock
  Not   Mongolian,Asian and European dishes
  .   .
Day 1
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
  Dinner:Mongolian dishes

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia (called “UB” by locals and visitors alike). Your guide and driver will meet you at the airport after you clear customs and immigration. You will have your Welcome dinner at one of the best restaurants in UB. After having dinner we will check in hotel. Overnight at hotel.  (D) (depends on flight time will change programm).

Day 2
  Flaming cliffs, camel herder family, camel riding
  Breakfast at hotel Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner: Mongolian dishes

Ulaanbaatar fly to Dalanzadgad /1.5 hours meet local guide and driver - drive to Bayanzag /100 km/ - check-in to the local accommodation - lunch time - free time - dinner time - Hike and explore most famous dinosaur site, Bayanzag or Ulaan ereg  (Flaming Cliffs) in the setting sun - overnight in there. (B+L+D)

Flaming cliffs:

This area of the Gobi desert is most famous for the first nest of dinosaur eggs and other fossils found here by the American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920s.He nicknamed this site “Flaming Cliffs” for the surreal glowing orange color of the rock. Called Bayanzag in Mongolian,which means “rich in saxaul shrubs”,it is comprised of red sand,rocks,scorching sun,and emptiness.

Day 3
Bayanzag-Khongor sand dunes
  Breakfast at camp Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner:Mongolian dishes

Breakfast time - drive Bulgan, sub-provincial center /20 km/ - go to local food market - drive to Khongoryn els /130 km/ visit to local precious stone market and - lunch time - climb up to over 200 m high Khongoryn els (Singing or Khongor sand dunes) - dinner time - free time - overnight in the camel herder family.

Khongor sand: Khongor is second biggest sand dune in the country that extend along the northern side of Sevrei and Zuulun mountain ranges. It range from 5 to 10 km in width, nearly 100 km long, with crests rising 80 to 300m above the surrounding landscape.(B+L+D)

Day 4
Khongor sand dunes-Yol valley
  Yol valley
  Breakfast at camp Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner: Mongolian dishes

 After breakfast we will drive to Yolyn am. lunch time - horse back riding in picturesque narrow Yolyn am and see ice glaciers in hot summer time in the second biggest Desert in the World, Gobi and visit to local attractive museum. Overnight at camp.

Yol valley:  Yol means vulture in Mongolian and the valley begins from Zuun Saikhan Mountain, a branch of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range, and stretches over 10 km. The narrowest part, only 3 or 4 person can pass in same time, of the valley is completely shaded from the direct sun shine by high cliff walls. 

Day 5
  Chinggis Khaan statue complex, Turtle rock, Herdman s famiy
  Breakfast at camp Lunch: Horhog mongolian barbeque Dinner:Mongolian dishes

Breakfast time - transfer to local airfield - fly to Ulaanbaatar /1.5 hours/

After lunch drive to Chinggis Khaan statue complex (54km) and see to Explanation of complex World s largest traditional foot wear, Museum of Bronze age, Arms of the Hunnu Empire, Mongolian emperor s museum, Short documentary movie about creation of complex.Lunch at herdsman s family and you will enjoy Mongolian barbeque dish Khorkhog made by using hot stones. Optional horseback riding is available. Khorkhog is a barbecue dish in Mongolian cuisine. Khorkhog is made by cooking pieces of meat inside a container which also contains hot stones and water, and is often also heated from the outside. When it is done, take the container from the stove and open it. Fire and fat have given the stones a glossy black color. Let them cool down as far as necessary, and hand them around to your guests. The mongolians believe that the heat and fat have beneficial or even healing effects, when you hold and rub the stone in your hands for a while.

Terelj National Park is one of the national parks of Mongolia. It is about 80km north-east of Ulaanbaatar, is a popular destination. The park has many rock formations for rock climbers, and includes two famous formations named for things they resemble: The Turtle Rock, or called Melkhi Khad by the locals, is an interesting rock formation looking like a turtle. The Turtle rock is set in a valley. Dinner at herdman,s family and can eat delicious traditional food and it is your choice horse to riding.Overnight at ger camp (B+L+D)


Day 6
  Bogd Khan winter museum, Zaisan hill, Gandan monastery, Tumen ekh ensemble
  Breakfast at camp Lunch:Mongolian dishes Dinner:Mongolian dishe

After Breakfast in Terelj national park drive to Ulaanbaatar City, we will do short city tour including Chinggis square, Bogd Khaan winter palace museum, National history museum, Gandan monastery and Zaisan Hill for panoramic view of the city. After Lunch we can to visit Cashmere factory story.So in the evening we will enjoy Mongolian traditional folklore performance and having dinner we will return to the hotel and stay overnight.

The  Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan - one of the first museums in Mongolia - was built in 1924. It used to be a winter residence of the last Bogd Khaan of Mongolia, Javzandamba. The palace compound was built between 1893 and 1903, and is well known for it is Gate of Peace, Temple and personal library of Bogd Khaan. Among the museum s exhibits are sculptures by Mongolia s first Bogd Khaan Zanabazar, the famous Taras. The museum has 21 invaluable sculptures of Taras.
Zaisan Hill for panoramic view of the city. It has dedicated to Russian Mongolian friendship and also there are small stone monuments dedicated to 1921 Mongolian Revolution, in 1939 River deposit of Japan, in 1945 Battle of Manjchuur and second world war.

Gandan Monastery is a Tibetan-style Buddhist Monastery. Its name means ”the big place of the complete joy”. Nowadays, many hundreds of monks live there. It houses a 26,5-metres (87 feet) high statue of Megjid-Janraiseg. Megjid-Janraiseg is a bodhisattva, a sage who leads the men on the way of Truth. He represents compassion.

Tumen ekh ensemble- Tumen Ekh National Song and Dance Ensemble to see traditional Mongolian cultural performance which is one of the most attractive, non-touristic things in Ulaanbaatar. Between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM, spend an hour watch awe-inspiring colorful plays of traditional songs, dances, music, throat singing, contortion and much more. 

Day 7
  Breakfast at hotel

After breakfast check out hotel and transfer to airport. Departure. (B)

Brief itinerary

day Type Content
1 Destinations Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
FOOD    Dinner:Mongolian dishes
2 Destinations Ulaanbaatar-Dalanzadgad-Bayanzag
Exhibit    Flaming cliffs, camel herder family, camel riding
FOOD    Breakfast at hotel Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner: Mongolian dishes
3 Destinations Bayanzag-Khongor sand dunes
Exhibit    Hiking
FOOD    Breakfast at camp Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner:Mongolian dishes
4 Destinations Khongor sand dunes-Yol valley
Exhibit    Yol valley
FOOD    Breakfast at camp Lunch: Mongolian dishes Dinner: Mongolian dishes
5 Destinations Dalanzadgad-Ulaanbaatar-Terelj
Exhibit    Chinggis Khaan statue complex, Turtle rock, Herdman s famiy
FOOD    Breakfast at camp Lunch: Horhog mongolian barbeque Dinner:Mongolian dishes
6 Destinations Terelj-Ulaanbaatar
Exhibit    Bogd Khan winter museum, Zaisan hill, Gandan monastery, Tumen ekh ensemble
FOOD    Breakfast at camp Lunch:Mongolian dishes Dinner:Mongolian dishe
7 Destinations Ulaanbaatar
FOOD    Breakfast at hotel

Tour price


  • 1100$


  • 750$


  • Hotel,Ger camp
  • All local Transportation
  • Local airfare
  • Entrance fees as mentioned in the program
  • All meals /B+L+D/
  • English or Chinese speaking guide


  • International airfare
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activity cost
  • Any cost not mentioned above

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